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June 17, 2019, 11:57 am
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Tough Enough gave $400 to Direct Relief International, which believes that while teaching a man (or woman) to herd sheep, shear, card, and weave wool may be great, if he or she is near death from cold just giving out a blanket is also great. (This is not their official motto.)

Course change for 2020: more dirt! Leg 2 will start and end at the same handoff points, but instead of E Mountain Drive and Gibraltar Roads, we’ll take West Cold Spring trail. Same fabulous gravitational pull, but worse footing! The trail emerges onto Gibraltar at the ‘180’ that’s been the handoff since the first running in 1986. The meeting point won’t change but the path between points will.

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Awesome Change ’cause some people like playing in the dirt, and others are just dirty. I’m bugging everyone with a goal of 10 solo starters next year.

Comment by scott young

Yow!It is a pretty awesome course… Would be great to see, and fun to have more mutual support and people to run with.

Comment by Hart K.

Great change! Looking forward to 2019

Comment by Andy (Rapid Thigh Movement)

Wow, can’t keep track of the year. Looking forward to 2020

Comment by Andy (stuck in the past)

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