Santa Barbara Tough Enough

Road conditions
March 17, 2019, 4:01 pm
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Update Mon, 18th.

Nick D (in comments) asked about road conditions. Cold Spring at 192 is still a streambed, so last year’s rule of running to the edge and waving vigorously stands. You can’t drive across.

UCSB Walker reports W Camino Cielo is good, at least for a 4×4.

Refugio not yet known. A couple of years ago I ran down Refugio, thinking it wasn’t bad at all, totally passable, until near the bottom. There, a huge boulder blocked the road. So empirical evidence is what we want.

March 5, 2019, 2:47 pm
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Tough Enough. Lots of scholars this year. (Like last year, and all previous years. Our intellectual nobility.) Note to bipedal locomotion enthusiasts: no ostriches, no kangaroos. (It’d be kind of cool, though.)

Scott Y
Just Horrible Enough (Billy and Karla)
Ian S
Possibly Garrett H

Competitive Bipedal Locomotion Enthusiasts (Erin McC)
Delusions of Toughness (Valerie T)
Four Lasses and a Lad (Lisa E)
It’s OK to Walk (Marta K)
Just Here for the Views (Spencer A)
Not Medical Doctors (Christina K)
Old Souls Plus One (Michelle M)
Our Moms Think So (Tracey M)
Sub-24 (Kim R)
The Machines and the Sexy Men (Ana C)
The Return of the Pink Ladies 1 (Sharon H)
The Return of the Pink Ladies 2 (Lauren McD)
We’re On Our Last Legs (Joe B)
What’s My Leg Again? (Whitney W)

Registration form
December 22, 2018, 7:19 am
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Reg form now available; click Registration, left, or here.

You do not need to have all team member’s signatures on a single form. Multiple forms are fine; preference for receiving in a single envelope, but even that is not required. TE is not supposed to be a logistical time-suck. It’s a luxury event.

If you send multiple forms for a team, please include your team name and point of contact (team lead) on each form.

Why no online registration? Cost. Last year (2018) we would have taken about 30% of our donation to Direct Relief and donated it to a financial services firm instead. The USPS is an astonishing organization. Letters! Stamps! Heck, signatures with fountain pens! Tough Enough poems on the backs of entry forms!

(But isn’t having to send a physical letter a kind of time-suck? Maybe; or maybe it’s part of the luxury.)

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay uninjured.

April 6th, 2019
November 14, 2018, 7:49 pm
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Tough Enough returns. Start getting your teams together!

Tentative date and ultra overlap
October 13, 2018, 3:05 am
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Hi, all,

Will be asking for April 6th for the 2019 Tough Enough. Put a tentative mark on your calendar. Firm date in mid-November when the race directors meet to reconcile the schedule. We’ve had the first Saturday in April for a decade or more, so we’re on solid ground.

For ultra runners, be aware of the Backbone 68M and 100M event in the Santa Monica mountains on the same day. If you’re not beat up by Nine Trails (24 March) I recommend Backbone over TE for an ultra. Trails, fewer long downhills, no asphalt. Ultra runners are always welcome, and our views are wonderful. But you have alternatives.

TE 2018
April 8, 2018, 6:45 am
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Tough Enough encompasses time, distance, and elevation change, riparian, meadow, oak forest, and mountain-top ecosystems, fire-scarred, flooded, and lush terrain, temperature ranges, and this year visibility varying from twenty feet to twenty miles. Thinking of all the things that have to be going right in our lives to be able to do this, it is extraordinary.

2018 Results

1 Weaver et al., 8:49
2 Who’s Running This Leg? 9:15
3 Are You Ruff Enough? 9:17
4 Austin Panthers 9:17
5 Pain Cave 9:28
6 Blister Sisters 9:32 (first all-woman)
7 A Bunch of Randos 9:45
8 Just Horrible Enough (ITRC) 9:46
9 The Galz 9:59
10 Otto Normalverbrauchers 10:07
11 Safety 3rd 10:15
12 Oh Truck, Where Art Thou? (ITRC) 10:21 (Wittiest name, hon. mention)
13 Kick Some Ash (ITRC) 10:56 (Wittiest name)
14 Happy Feet (ITRC) 11:09
15 Greg’s Groms 11:13
16 Four Girls and a Boy (ITRC) 11:19
17 Crossfit Oxnard 11:37

Karla and Billy of Just Horrible Enough were ‘distributed ultra’ runners, their alternating legs meaning each ran more than a marathon’s distance, and as a team impressively quickly. Ian Seabury was the sole full-length ultra entrant; he showed the common sense for which ultra runners are widely admired by dropping at the Gun Club with a potentially serious foot issue. Ian of course showed no sign of having run more than 50K when chatting with people at the finish.

Modest year for our annual contribution to Direct Relief International (though the event was in the black): $150.

Tough Enough 2017
April 2, 2017, 10:43 am
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This is why California is known world-wide for its natural beauty. Within California, Santa Barbara is particularly dramatic. What fortune to be able to run, to immerse unreservedly!

Ian S.led the ultrarunners, finishing in about eleven and a half hours, then looking fresh and filled wiht energy after the run. Scott Y. was at 13 1/2, remarkable for his training, Steve VanD at 14:38, and Mauricio and Luis, wearing brilliant headlamps, were epic in 16:32. Ian, by the way, got the course at 64.7 miles.

The teams were led by Nasty Women and Bad Hombres (7:58). Conejo Valley made a claim that they were the slowest team ever, finishing around 14 1/2 hours. Could be they’re the new number 1-inverse. In between, the She-Ra’s were first women-only team (3d overall), and in some order, Team Leaky Cheek, Operation Ivy,Take Warning, Dude Dillon Panthers, Lady Dillon Panthers, Pink Panthers, Greg’s Groms, Woody’s Wabbits, Always Bet on Black, Breaking Wind, Nightlife, I’m with Stupid, Pimp My Stride, and RIP Fun Bus.

Alert readers may note some vagueness regarding finish times. Somnolent readers might note it, too. The race director wrote the final ultra runners’ times on the results sheet, put the clipboard on top of the car, talked with Luis and Mauricio for a few minutes, and drove home. On arrival, the clipboard was no longer on top of the car.

We’re sending $1,245 to Direct Relief this year.

Three more notes:
o Many thanks to the redoubtable Kim Reale who organized the six teams from Inside Track.
o Do not judge the entry fees of other races based on TE. Most races have far more in expenses than we do (port-a-johns, Highway Patrol, big municipal fees, and so on). If you’re curious about the breakout of income and expenses, write me, happy to share.
o A sincere thank-you to everyone who had a good time!