Santa Barbara Tough Enough

Course conditions
February 3, 2018, 2:47 pm
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Walked up Cold Spring to the actual spring — a stream emerging from a stone — and found it a wide treeless moraine. Where there used to be a leafy narrow canyon, there’s a now-wider space with steeper sides and acres of stones. You can see the remnants of sycamores, some of the larger ones stripped trunks tangled behind a boulder, and in the bed ‘trunks’ four inches high that look like the ends of slips of paper put through a shredder.
This is the Leg 1 / Leg 2 handoff. The road is closed to vehicles but is passable on foot or bike.
Hope everyone’s training is going well.

Road closures, openings, and TE18
January 29, 2018, 6:54 pm
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A number of the Montecito-area roads we use for Tough Enough are closed. I’m assuming the roads will be open, at least to foot traffic, by race day (April 7th). Some of them are now, as the roads that allow residents to drive can generally be passed on foot. Worst case, we can start on Mountain Drive. So: race is on.

Tough Enough entry form
January 9, 2018, 5:57 pm
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The awaited form: Tough Enough entry form 2018. It’s also on the registration page (linked to the left).

Note that there are no sizes requested on the form. Per a request (instruction) to me after last year I’m working with the great folks at Toad&Co to have this year’s gear be one-size-for all. Depending on what we choose, though, there may be limits on the numbers, so early reg is good.

Also note that I understand logistics can be a pain. I’m fine with multiple forms for the same team if it’s easier to do it individually.

Looking forward to seeing you in April.

Tough Enough 2018 date: 07 April
November 13, 2017, 8:12 pm
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Hi, TE runners. Official date for next year: Saturday, April 7th. Onward.

Tough Enough 2017
April 2, 2017, 10:43 am
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This is why California is known world-wide for its natural beauty. Within California, Santa Barbara is particularly dramatic. What fortune to be able to run, to immerse unreservedly!

Ian S.led the ultrarunners, finishing in about eleven and a half hours, then looking fresh and filled wiht energy after the run. Scott Y. was at 13 1/2, remarkable for his training, Steve VanD at 14:38, and Mauricio and Luis, wearing brilliant headlamps, were epic in 16:32. Ian, by the way, got the course at 64.7 miles.

The teams were led by Nasty Women and Bad Hombres (7:58). Conejo Valley made a claim that they were the slowest team ever, finishing around 14 1/2 hours. Could be they’re the new number 1-inverse. In between, the She-Ra’s were first women-only team (3d overall), and in some order, Team Leaky Cheek, Operation Ivy,Take Warning, Dude Dillon Panthers, Lady Dillon Panthers, Pink Panthers, Greg’s Groms, Woody’s Wabbits, Always Bet on Black, Breaking Wind, Nightlife, I’m with Stupid, Pimp My Stride, and RIP Fun Bus.

Alert readers may note some vagueness regarding finish times. Somnolent readers might note it, too. The race director wrote the final ultra runners’ times on the results sheet, put the clipboard on top of the car, talked with Luis and Mauricio for a few minutes, and drove home. On arrival, the clipboard was no longer on top of the car.

We’re sending $1,245 to Direct Relief this year.

Three more notes:
o Many thanks to the redoubtable Kim Reale who organized the six teams from Inside Track.
o Do not judge the entry fees of other races based on TE. Most races have far more in expenses than we do (port-a-johns, Highway Patrol, big municipal fees, and so on). If you’re curious about the breakout of income and expenses, write me, happy to share.
o A sincere thank-you to everyone who had a good time!

2016 Donation to Direct Relief
April 9, 2016, 10:59 am
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The Tough Enough community — that’s you — donated $2,440 to  Direct Relief this year. Particular thanks to Mauricio and Leif for extra donations.

Please write to me or post comments with improvements or tuning you’d like next year. For example, one runner suggested having a 4WD patrol long, hot Leg 6 with water and snacks.

From the Race Director, thanks to Kimberly Burnell and Toad&Co.

On behalf of all of you, thanks to all of you.

TE 2016 notes
April 3, 2016, 1:11 pm
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Luck. We were there at that time
Long sight from the ridge, over the chaparral, up through the pines
Later, in the valley, California poppies, lupine, wild mustard
Descending Refugio, oaks overhanging the trail, Spanish moss on north-facing hillsides
Sycamores tracking water


Good day. The noble-hearted Amigos de Goleta triumph. The JayKays have to wait another year in their attempt to dethrone We’ve Got The Fronk. How close? Sweet Stephanie and her cohort were roughly one-1000th of a percent faster. Ian and John looked not at all as though they’d just run 65 miles; Jon was graceful enough to look tired.

Sincere thanks to all runners and everyone supporting them. I feel fortunate in the opportunity to support you.

Accounting and donation to Direct Relief next weekend.