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January 17, 2020, 2:52 pm
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Hi, all. Switched to Rabbit as sponsor this year. Toad&Co has been great, but Rabbit is co-owned by a former trail-running partner and makes the clothes in LA. Running shorts!  These and these. There are not a lot of them — 25 ea, women and men — as I’d like to keep the race in the black and have money for Direct Relief. First entry forms in, first dibs on the gear.

Reg form reassurances: You don’t have to have all of the signatures on a single form; teams change between entry and race day, s’OK, happens; if one or two signatures are going to be late but you can vouch for the people, I’m going to trust you. Not supposed to be painful.

Tough Enough 2020
November 17, 2019, 5:33 pm
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The relay and the ultra will happen on Saturday, 04 April, 2020, starting at 7:00 am (relay) and ‘earlier’ for the ultrarunners, beginning at Toro Canyon Park, near Carpinteria, and finishing at Nojoqui Falls on the far side of Solvang. Teams comprise five or if necessary fewer runners, each running two (or more) legs. Advice for first-time teams is on the Course Description page. The entry form is here.

Is this blog it? Yes. There is no Facebook page, nor will there ever be. You think you know they’re slimebags, but they’re worse than you think. Google used to be better but decreasingly so over time. If you think employees at Apple or Amazon or Google or Facebook or literally thousands of other companies should know every time you have sex or hit the refrigerator in the middle of the night or discuss new drapes, something they currently do (unless you avoid Alexa/Google Assistant/Siri and store your phones in the microwave whenever not using them), be aware letting them have that information is a decision you can’t unmake. (You know your TV is not only selling your viewing habits but assessing your family composition, whether you have kids and their approximate ages, and your socioeconomic class and selling that information to whomever, right?) If you’re interested in educating yourself, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a good start.

That’s the long (really, the short) version of why it’s only this blog, and why there are paper entry forms and no electronic payment.

Date for 2020: April 4
July 26, 2019, 5:56 am
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The first Saturday of April is the 4th. We’ve run the first Saturday for some years, at least when Easter hasn’t been nigh.

‘First Saturday in April’ is kind of bland when compared to the excellent and pagan calculation for Easter (the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox). (And how do we know it’s Sunday? Because… umm… because.) So let’s admit it: Tough Enough is ducking the competition.

Entry form soon!

Of interest
July 24, 2019, 5:53 am
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TE19, TE20
June 17, 2019, 11:57 am
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Tough Enough gave $400 to Direct Relief International, which believes that while teaching a man (or woman) to herd sheep, shear, card, and weave wool may be great, if he or she is near death from cold just giving out a blanket is also great. (This is not their official motto.)

Course change for 2020: more dirt! Leg 2 will start and end at the same handoff points, but instead of E Mountain Drive and Gibraltar Roads, we’ll take West Cold Spring trail. Same fabulous gravitational pull, but worse footing! The trail emerges onto Gibraltar at the ‘180’ that’s been the handoff since the first running in 1986. The meeting point won’t change but the path between points will.

TE 2018
April 8, 2018, 6:45 am
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Tough Enough encompasses time, distance, and elevation change, riparian, meadow, oak forest, and mountain-top ecosystems, fire-scarred, flooded, and lush terrain, temperature ranges, and this year visibility varying from twenty feet to twenty miles. Thinking of all the things that have to be going right in our lives to be able to do this, it is extraordinary.

2018 Results

1 Weaver et al., 8:49
2 Who’s Running This Leg? 9:15
3 Are You Ruff Enough? 9:17
4 Austin Panthers 9:17
5 Pain Cave 9:28
6 Blister Sisters 9:32 (first all-woman)
7 A Bunch of Randos 9:45
8 Just Horrible Enough (ITRC) 9:46
9 The Galz 9:59
10 Otto Normalverbrauchers 10:07
11 Safety 3rd 10:15
12 Oh Truck, Where Art Thou? (ITRC) 10:21 (Wittiest name, hon. mention)
13 Kick Some Ash (ITRC) 10:56 (Wittiest name)
14 Happy Feet (ITRC) 11:09
15 Greg’s Groms 11:13
16 Four Girls and a Boy (ITRC) 11:19
17 Crossfit Oxnard 11:37

Karla and Billy of Just Horrible Enough were ‘distributed ultra’ runners, their alternating legs meaning each ran more than a marathon’s distance, and as a team impressively quickly. Ian Seabury was the sole full-length ultra entrant; he showed the common sense for which ultra runners are widely admired by dropping at the Gun Club with a potentially serious foot issue. Ian of course showed no sign of having run more than 50K when chatting with people at the finish.

Modest year for our annual contribution to Direct Relief International (though the event was in the black): $150.

2016 Donation to Direct Relief
April 9, 2016, 10:59 am
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The Tough Enough community — that’s you — donated $2,440 to  Direct Relief this year. Particular thanks to Mauricio and Leif for extra donations.

Please write to me or post comments with improvements or tuning you’d like next year. For example, one runner suggested having a 4WD patrol long, hot Leg 6 with water and snacks.

From the Race Director, thanks to Kimberly Burnell and Toad&Co.

On behalf of all of you, thanks to all of you.