Santa Barbara Tough Enough

TE 2016 notes
April 3, 2016, 1:11 pm
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Luck. We were there at that time
Long sight from the ridge, over the chaparral, up through the pines
Later, in the valley, California poppies, lupine, wild mustard
Descending Refugio, oaks overhanging the trail, Spanish moss on north-facing hillsides
Sycamores tracking water


Good day. The noble-hearted Amigos de Goleta triumph. The JayKays have to wait another year in their attempt to dethrone We’ve Got The Fronk. How close? Sweet Stephanie and her cohort were roughly one-1000th of a percent faster. Ian and John looked not at all as though they’d just run 65 miles; Jon was graceful enough to look tired.

Sincere thanks to all runners and everyone supporting them. I feel fortunate in the opportunity to support you.

Accounting and donation to Direct Relief next weekend.

Results 2016
April 2, 2016, 8:36 pm
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Commentary and accounting tomorrow.

12:23 Ian Seabury
13:23 John Hoenigman
14:20 Jon Zaid
Mauricio Puerto ran 55 but had to zip down to LAX.

08:18 Los Amigos de Goleta (Mr W. Rossow)
08:36 Why Not!? (Chris L.)
08:46 Trouble Follows Us (Ryan K.)
09:09 The Dillon Panthers (Mia G.)
09:12 We’ve Got the Fronk (Karen B.)

09:12 JayKay’s (Drat. Foiled again!) (Maggie and Kimberly)
09:13 Got the Runs (Oscar D.)
09:28 Inside Track (Kim) (possibly first women’s team?)
09:44 Team Three Generations (Scott Y.)
09:45 Wild Card! (Mike L.)

09:58 Inside Track (Rafael)
10:18 Right Turn Clyde (Matt K.)
10:38 Mount Those Twin Peaks (Eddie M.)
10:48 Without Adult Supervision (Simone K)
10:52 Delusions of Toughness (Valerie T.)

10:54 Atomic Force Awakens (Matt K.)
11:02 Ritardando (Whitney W.)
11:10 Inside Track (Galina)
11:22 Greg’s Groms (Greg L.)
11:29 Inside Track (Craig)

11:31 Inside Track: Joe
11:33 The Hills Have Cries (Jill C.)
11:38 Femmes Fa’trail (Katrin, Sara, Tara, and )
11:44 How Grandma Likes It (DR)
12:07 Inside Track (Erynne)

12:17 Conejos Chasing a Coyote (Diana P-M)

… but first, coffee. (Lauren D.; team ran half-way, had a family event)

Donation to Direct Relief
April 5, 2015, 10:13 am
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We — the local runners (including you) who comprise Tough Enough — are sending $1,538 to Direct Relief.

These people are just good; probably need a capital letter on Good. They embody a kind of essence of being good.

Many thanks from the race director for making the party so fun.

2015 Race report
April 5, 2015, 7:39 am
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Tough Enough 2015: Finishers and random awards

1. 7:19 Super Friends
2. 8:27 Cacahuates
3. 8:35 Average Joes
4. 8:47 Chains for Brains
5. 8:53 Segway Pelotron
6. 8:55 C.A.R.E.4Paws
7. 9:32 Young Dr. Fronken’s Team
8. 9:33 DNR
9. 9:38 Jay Kays
10. 9:55 Inside Trackers 2
11. 9:56 Controlled Bypass
12. 10:08 SB Training 1
13. 10:13 SB Training 2
14. 10:14 Between a Walk and a Hard Pace
15. 10:30 Inside Trackers 2
16. 10:34 People who know… things…
17. 10:39 SB Training 3
18. 10:43 Triple threat
19. 10:46 Team Three Generations
20. 10:48 “That’s What” She Said
21. 10:50 Team Nine Trails
22. 11:09 Delusions of Toughness
23. 11:26 Inside Trackers 3
24. 11:45 Four Legs, One Dream (two-person team)

1. 13:41 Jon Zaid
2. 13:44 Luis Escobar
3. – 5. 16:47 Kim Bengelsdorf, Manley Klassen, Mauricio Puerto
6. – 7. 18:13 Rob DeCou, Alissa Sears

Good day, warm but not hot, light breezes but no wind. As a group we ran a little over two thousand miles yesterday, enough to get us from Santa Barbara to Minneapolis with a little to spare.

Thanks to the ultrarunners who dropped. A small event with self-support on the course relies on the good judgement of the participants. Appreciated. Pacer of the day to Alissa Sears, not intending to run the whole event, did. She gets this year’s Chris Clemens Award for “As long as I’m this far, hey, it’s only another 30 miles.”

A few awards:

  • Style and sophistication. The Jay Kays with their tastefully decorated team car, colors chosen to match their shirts.
  • Teammates. A seemingly serious discussion at the finish line about a teammate getting lost on leg 10. (For those who didn’t run that leg, there are no turns or side roads.) “We love her, but she might have.”
  • Urine samples. Young Dr Fronken’s Team, looking sleek in lab coats, raising their golden-liquid-filled urine sample cups in a toast at the end. (Suspiciously carbonated.)

2014 race report: $3,144 to Direct Relief Int’l
April 6, 2014, 10:35 am
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Closed Kinevan required re-routing, but only one error by relay runners, which was self-penalizing since the temporary route was a little shorter. The soloists ran the full distance on a windy-but-clear day. Magnificent vistas. ‘Magnificent’ an overused word, now most often applied ironically, but for yesterday a simple description. If Wordsworth and Coleridge hadn’t dropped at the last minute, they’d have loved it.

Some notes.
o Runner of the day: Sara Kida. Thirty-three weeks pregnant. Nonchalant. Sara was awarded lifetime free entry, for herself and her heirs.
o Wind on Gibraltar. A runner’s sandwich was blown out of her hand.
o Route. A woman left E Camino Cielo to energetically follow a steep trail. ‘What are you doing!?’ ‘I’ve always wanted to run up this!’
o Tired meets wired. Close third place to the Fugawi, with only three runners, Steve Harding, John Loftus, and Scott Devore. Finishing in 7:06, a time that even accounting for the short course would have won all but a couple of previous runnings.
o SB life. Pre-race conversation with a couple of runners who are designing lasers for space to help capture an asteroid and drag it around to orbit the moon.
o Ah, youth. Chris Clemens sort-of inadvertently stayed out until 1 the night before the race, showed up for the 5 am ultra start, and decided somewhere on Gibraltar that instead of alternating legs, as planned, with his brother, hey, why not just run the whole thing?
o Running dog. When soloist Mauricio was passing the Gun Club, a neighborhood German Shepherd slipped under a backyard fence to run with him. Text to owner received little response (‘tell her to come home.’) Friendly dog looked ready to do it again as she checked out Nojoqui Falls and hung with her ultra running buddies. With some recreational off-course cow-chasing, to break things up.
o Happiness. The general tone at the finish line; the reason for the event.

Grateful thanks to Kimberly Burnell and Horny Toad, Adam and Sara at CoMotion, Elle, and all you participants.

We’re sending $3,144 to Direct Relief, in gratitude for what they do.

2014 race results
April 6, 2014, 6:31 am
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The route was roughly a mile shorter than normal. When comparing times with other years, please take that into account.

Event report “soon.”

Errors? Please let me know.

11:13 Jadd Martinez
13:52 Tiffany Guerra
13:54 Mauricio Puerto
13:55 Chris Clemens
14:18 Luis Escobar

Tyler Clemens ran half, episodically; Jeff Cygan ran from 154.

7:02 RUTE Beer (Jill Himlan) (new mixed team course record)
7:04 The Joes (David Walker)
7:06 FUGAWI (Steve Harding) (new category of record, three-person team)
7:29 Los Amigos de Goleta (Willy Rossow)
7:47 Byrds (Monica DeVreese) (1st women’s team)

8:14 Team Elite (Todd Tressler) (tenth year, unbroken string)
8:18 Team Cacahuates (Matthew Tague)
8:49 C.A.R.E. 4 Paws (Isabelle Gullo) (dominating the women’s masters)
8:53 Run with Lakas (Dan Shimizu)
8:59 Team No Fun Time (Leah Etling)

9:12 Brian and the Snot Rockettes (Whitney Wilkinson)
9:14 SBT 1 (Mike Claytor)
9:16 Three Generations (Scott Young, with his father, son, and niece)
9:16 Sloan’s Angels (Stacey Bailey)
9:28 Bonafide Tough Enough (Brendan Murphy)

9:28 Y-Not (Andrew Perkin)
9:46 Team DSA (Ray Gamboa)
9:48 Your Pace or Mine (1) (Jessica Baker) and (2) (Kristie Chapman)
10:14 Tank’s Team (two generations, Dave and Diana Odell and son Walter)
10:16 Pink Ladies 1 (Sharon Hughes)

10:17 SBT 2 (Lydia Kituhare)
10:18 Pink Ladies 2 (Sharon H.)
10:20 SBT 3 (Scott Reed)
10:24 Happy Trails VI (Jill Martin)
10:26 Happy Trails VII (Julianne Hastings)

10:29 Inside Trackers 1 (Kim Reale)
10:37 DNR (Nichol des Jardins)
10:44 Ice 9 (Dave Parker)
10:45 To Be Defined (Simone Kleinschmidt)
11:00 Inside Trackers 2 (Kim R)

11:20 Delusions of Toughness (Valerie Tyler)
11:25 Inside Trackers 3 (Kim R.)
12:34 Call Us a Cab! (Laura Hollander)

Race day 2013!
November 19, 2012, 11:07 pm
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Lucky day for a long race. Easy-for-running temperatures, despite some not-bad wind, and those vistas that open out.

The soloists. Ubaldo Lopez was on sub-10 pace for the ultra through the bottom of Refugio, but then some previous foot problems reared their twenty-six-boned heads. He still took fifty minutes off his time for last year, finishing in 11:13. John Hoenigman (12:34), Steve VanDenburgh (12:41), Chris Clemens (13:53), and completing, Rob DeCou (15:29).

There were two ultra teams this year. Have 2 TRI (Taj Hudson, Josh Shultz) ran 9:47, Double Trouble (Ali Aghayan, Sheri Hammond), 12:44.

The teams spread out a little more at the front this year than sometimes happens, but that was balanced by lots of racing as the middle of the curve rolled in. (Not a series of typos, below, only the accident that three of the spacing breaks coincide with teams who finished in the same minute.)

1 7:28 How’s the Knee? (Matt Skenazy)
2 7:35 The Forbidden RUTE (Jill Himlan) 1st mixed team
3 8:05 Los Amigos de Goleta (Willy ‘El Mayordomo’ Rossow)
4 8:26 Reynolds, Rockets, & Speed, LLC (Dave Saunders)
5 9:12 C.A.R.E. 4 Paws (Issi Gullo) 1st women’s team

6 9:17 Running on Empty (Carly Pon)
7 9:20 DND/DNR (Nicole des Jardins)
8 9:31 Team in Training (Danielle Muller)
9 9:32 SBT 1 (Scott Reed)
10 9:34 Quick Feet Elite (Yvonne Castillo)

11 9:34 Ligers (Stephanie Tanimoto)
12 9:50 SBT 2 (Katy Larsen)
13 9:55 Up Down (Brian Carroll)
14 10:06 SBT 3 (Sloane Claytor)
15 10:26 Happy Trails IV (Jules Hastings)

16 10:26 Killer Bunnies (Simone Kleinschmidt) (best headgear)
17 10:27 Snot Rockettes (Whitney Wilkenson)
18 10:33 Happy Trails V (Adam ‘Illegible’ Shaikoy)
19 10:42 WTF 1 (‘Where’s the finish?’) (Tamra Murphy)
20 10:44 WTF 2 (Juliana Fabio)

21 10:44 IT Banditos #3 (Elva Hernandez)
22 10:20 Team Awesome (Jeff Mumm)
23 10:10 IT Banditos #1/Inside Track (4 person) (Kim Reale)
24 10:32 IT Banditos #2 (Rafael Ojeda)

25 11:24 TAP Crew (The Asphalt Pounders) (Tino Munoz)
26 11:28 Conditioning Specialists (Erin Desharnais)
27 11:31 Save Us some Food (Valerie Tyler)
28 11:51 Pace Makers (Laura Hollander) Three-person team

Thanks again to Kimberley Burnell of Horny Toad for help in all regards for the shirts. I haven’t done the final accounting yet, but it looks like we’ll send around $3 thousand to Direct Relief, matching last year’s race record–nice going, people!

Thanks to all the runners who had a great time.

See you next year.

— jk, Sunday morning

Tough Enough 2012 results
April 7, 2012, 12:25 pm
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Full moon over the Pacific, driving down to the ultra start. Four ultrarunners took off at 4:30, thirty-seven teams at 7:00.

A young man from Delano (Direct Relief) ran the first mile in around 4:45, looking very smooth, but the day belonged for the fourth time in a row to the formerly Delusional, now Living the Dream’s. Barely, though: the Superfriends we only a minute back, and victory wasn’t a sure thing until the last leg. 7:09 to 7:10. (Dreams: Dave Saunders, Leif Reynolds, Scott Ingraham, Eric Forte, Joe Nordin.)

The mixed team We’re the FUGAWI!?!? crushed their previous mixed team record in third (7:14). Great run, not diminished at all by the Superfriends breaking the same record four minutes earlier (Superfriends: Ricky Ho, Tim Strand, Chrystee Bradley, Mike Shaloob, Drea McLarty; Drea and Chrystee have the distinction of being on both the women’s and mixed-team record holders.) (FUGAWI’s: Scott Devore, Steve Harding, John Loftus, Dana Battalia, Chris Chisney.) New mixed record: 7:10.

In the ultra, Uvaldo Lopez stuck close to Scott Young, grateful to be able to have the benefit of Scott’s experience, but the end, he kicked (!!), finishing in 12:02, with Scott running the same time. (RD: “This is your first ultra?” Uvaldo: “This is my last ultra.”) (Two days later: “I don’t know, I might do it again next year!”) John Hoenigman (12:52) and Steve VenDenburgh (12:59) completed the ultra finishers.

Miscellaneous awards:
o Dominating last place. The Rats et al. Lucky Enough threw down a challenge, even getting lost (on a course with a total of eight turns), but first Worth the Wait unsurpassed them, then the Rats, a whopping 84 minutes after their closest competitors. (The Rats sweep the course annually, something much appreciated by those they’ve helped.)
o Loch and Load built on last year’s clothing victory by again running in kilts. Excellent for mountainous terrain.
o Elite Rehab again fielded three teams
o FUGAWI’s Steve Harding was again awes on getting the Horny Toad blankets.
o Steve Harding, who doesn’t work for anyone and was not claimed by any team, demonstrated the breadth of style options open to TE participants; Steve also gave inspiration to the possibility of instituting a dress code for future TEs
o Finally, dialog of the day award. A team stranded on W Camino Cielo with a flat tire and a flat spare, to a passing truck: “Excuse me, sir, but you wouldn’t happen to have a compressor, would you?” “Why, indeed, yes, I do!” (For future reference, you can pump up a car tire with a bike pump. It’s a pain, but ti can be done.)

Awes pictures by pro photographer Stephen Otero here.

1 7:09 Living the dream
2 7:10 Super friends
3 7:14 We’re the FUGAWI!?!?
4 7:53 Hows the knee? (Matt Skenazy)
5 8:02 Los Amigos de Goleta (Willy Rocket Rossow) √

6 8:18 Four and one-half men (Jim Johnson)
7 8:22 Cyclepaths (no cars, bikes all the way!) (Dylan Jones)
8 8:32 Direct Relief #1 (Sara Eyman)
9 8:34 Quick feet elite (Yvonne Castillo)
10 8:43 The honey badgers (Andrew Schoneberger)

11 8:45 Slash and burn (Micky Sederburg)
12 8:54 Beauty and the beasts (Dan Shimizu)
13 8:54 Free to play (Andrea Stouffer) (First all-women)
14 8:54 Play for free (David Groom)
15 9:01 Pumped up kicks (Cody King)

16 9:02 Care4paws (Megan Rheinschild) (Second all-women)
17 9:03 Not up to snuff (NUTS) enough (Stephen Otero)
18 9:13 The Argentineans (reinforced) (Gustavo Dabos)
19 9:16 Leo Heos (Amy Tracewell)
20 9:17 Team RAGE (Chrissy Faulding)

21 9:31 Loch and load (Michael Larkin)
22 9:46 Flock of seagulls (Kristin Brown)
23 9:49 DNR (Nichol des Jardins)
24 9:57 Knuckelheads (Gabe Wishingrad)
25 10:04 Phad chants (Bob Dutcher) √

26 10:13 WTF (Paula Waldman) √
27 10:17 Fish out of water (Tim Siciliano) √
28 10:20 Weekend warriors (Art Tracewell) √
29 10:23 Four sugars with a cup of Joe (Twila Douglas) √
30 10:23 Quick chicks (Maggie Bahnson) √

31 10:32 Happy trails III (Julianne Hastings) √
32 10:44 I want my Bloody Mary (Simone Kleinschmidt) √
33 10:53 Lucky enough (Barry Abshere) √
34 11:33 Worth the wait (Melissa Rodriguez) √
Last 12:57 We don’t give a rat’s ass… (Happy Snappe)
Also last 12:57 … Neither do we!

Yet again, everyone took care of and cheered for everyone else, the views were astonishing — how many places on the surface of the Earth can you look to the left to ocean and islands, and to the right to a wide valley and rugged, tall mountains? — we can give roughly $3 thousand to Direct Relief, and everyone had a good time. Thanks to all participants, and see you next year.

Tough Enough 2011
April 4, 2011, 2:50 am
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A cool, hot, cold, sunny, densely foggy day. (The race covers a lot of ground.) The Delusional 3-Peat triumphed, though in doubt until the last miles. Three in a row, while Los Amigos de Goleta established their utter domination of second place (four of the seven “modern” runnings), and the Fugawi!?! won, as usual, the mixed-team. CARE 4 PAWS was the first women-only team.

We had a number of new records:
o New mixed team record, set last year. The race director consulted a panel of distinguished and disinterested experts (CARE 4 PAWS); based on their recommendation, a mixed team needs at least two women, so last year’s Fugawi!?!? now holds the record, at 7:21. Congrats, persons!
o New record for late entry in the ultra, to Mauricio Puente, entering Thursday night. Ah, but Mr Puente only held his record for a day; it was broken by Garrett Headley, entering some time around nine Friday night.

Miscellaneous awards:
o Kilty Pleasures (Michael Larkin, Karen Boris, Katie Vining, Rob Simes, Brett Larson), for elegance. Last year’s hula skirts had… something, but the kilts had true panache.
o “We’re a team, junior,” to Mike Claytor and SB Fitness for getting all five employees to run; and “We’re a team, senior” for Elite Rehab, once again fielding three teams (you guys are amazing!)
o DNR nailed possibly-permanent “best vehicle,” by having their van break down. Kind of like the relationship with that person with the intense inner life, who was brilliant, then morose, then brilliant, and in either state was never all that reliable. But a van, instead of a person.
o Best unpublishable video award to the post-race women in black tights.

Many photos on Facebook, and many by professional photographer (and Not Up To Snuff Enough leader) Stephen Otero (

Thanks to Steve Harding and Horny Toad for the blankets (which we hope everybody likes), to Kristen Brown for help with prep, to Team Re-Flash for taking care of ultra runners; and to Direct Relief International, for awesomeness.

Nice touch: as the last ultrarunner was coming in, five young deer appeared in the grassy field across from the park.

Thanks to everyone who had fun.

1   7:15   The Delusional 3 Peat (Leif Reynolds, Scott Ingraham, Dave Saunders, Joe Nordin, Kevin Walker)

2   7:22   Los Amigos de Goleta (Willy Rossow)
3   7:27   We’re the Fugawi?!?! (Scott DeVore, Steve Hading, Dana Battaglia, China Cisney, John Loftus)

4   8:15   Team Elite (Todd Tressler)
5   8:21   The Square Root of Awesome (Charity Dubberley)
6   8:36   Not Up to Snuff (NUTS) Enough (Stephan Otero)

7   8:37   Peregrinating Pedagogists (Ryan Gleason)
8   8:43   Have You Seen This? (James Heidlebaugh)
9   8:47   Super Heroes in Training (Direct Relief team – Kristin Brown)
10  8:50   Free to Play (Andrea Stouffer)
11  9:03   Rockappotomus (Mark Nowakowski)
12  9:04   Addicted to Run (Budd Jamieson)

13  9:04   Kilty Pleasures (Michael Larkin)
14  9:05   DNR (Nichol des Jardins)
15  9:07   C.A.R.E. 4 PAWS (Isabelle Gullo, therese Bjork, Megan Riker-Rheinschild, Nancy Reynolds, Marla Randall)
16  9:08   Conejo’s (Diane Patnod Mader)
17  9:22   ;SB Training (Mike Clayfor)
18  9:23   The Cube Root of Respectable (Mark Fennell)

19  9:25   Running Against Great Extremes (RAGE) (Chrissy Faulding)
20  9:34   The Dedicated (Steve Miley)

21  9:34   Ghosts of Goats (Elizabeth Werhane)
22  10:31  Team Eliter (Yvonne Castillo)
23  10:34  DSA (Ray Gamboa)

24  10:36  Team Reflash (Simone Kleinschmidt)
25  10:48  Happy Trails (Julianne Hastings)

26  11:45  Always B. Closing (Melissa Rodriguez)
1   11:10   Scott Young
2   11:38   John Hoenigman

3   12:14   Jen Paludi + Jerremy Ditlove (Team Go Carter!)
4   13:47   Maruicio Puerto
5   14:38   Garret Headley
49m          Jake Sanders

Tough Enough 2010
April 11, 2010, 3:24 pm
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Pork Chop and the Masters of Delusion won yesterday’s Tough Enough 65-mile relay in 7:02, setting, if the race director eventually decides there are Masters records, a men’s master’s record. Their time is the fastest of the past six runnings. Dave Saunders, Lief Reynolds, Scott Ingraham, Eric Forte, Tim Strand. Only four minutes later, Raise Your Hand If You Like To Run (7:06) set a new mixed-team record, 34 minutes ahead of the previous record: Kaleena & Nick Bruckbauer, Jimmy O’Dea, Matt Shaner, Taylor Hemming.)

Tri and Find Our Shortcut (7:13), former mixed-record holders The FUGAWII?!?! (7:21, well under their previous record), Nuff’s Enuff (7:32). And then (drum roll, but loose Jack DeJohnette kind of drum roll): TUFF LUV, in pink (with matching arm toasters), rewrote the previous women’s record by 35 minutes. They did try to find a shortcut, an early mistake costing an extra half-mile; more significant, they set the new event standard for last-minute team-member cancellation (5:15 am race day). So only four ran: Chrystee Bradley, Michelle McToldridge, Kary O’Brien, and team mayordoma Drea McLarty. Excellente.

Five ultrarunners: Scott Young ran a hot performance on a cold day (38F at La Cumbre Peak when he passed, and only “warmed” to 41 when the bulk of the teams went by); Scott ran 10:37. John Hoenigman, ever-cheerful, 12:05; Berti Levy and Carrie Brewer ran together, an hour faster than they expected, in 15:08 (and had Carrie’s cute daughter run them in); and Jennifer Paludi, tired but game (with her glowing-collared dog on leash) in 15:51. (Kudos to last-placers We Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass for waiting for Jen to come in, too.)

Random awards:
— Chains for Brains, five athletes, four bikes, and more than any other team, taking the phrase “put some skin in the game” to heart. (Or left hip. Plus rocks lodged in helmet, two riders for that.)
— Joe Battles Colonless Queen had the snappiest name
— DNR/DTR for most entertaining support vehicle
–FUGAWII as attitude leaders (Is the RD only saying that because they gave him a shirt [take no notice he’s suddenly talking in third person]? Possibly.)

Great party during the race, great party at the end when it had warmed up a little. A dozen teams in various stages of team outfit/uniform (“uniform” not being the first word to come to mind for some of the team choices.)

Once again, at the heart of it, the runners make the event: Thanks.

10:37 Scott Young
12:05 John Hoenigman
15:08 Carrie Brewer and Berti Levy
15:51 Jen Paludi

7:02 Pork Chop and the Masters of Delusion (Dave S.)
7:06 Raise Your Hand If You Like to Run (Nick B.)
7:13 Tr1 and Find Our Shortcut (Zach Komon)
7:21 The FUGAWII?!?! (Scott DeVore)
7:32 Nuff’s Enuff (Willie Rossow)
7:36 TUFF LUV (Drea)
7:57 Team Elite (Todd Tressler)
8:08 Team DILF (Rob Ramirez; “That’s not what we meant” team name award)
8:18 Running Your Numbers (Dylan Jones)
8:24 Inigo Montoya and the Buttercups (Brian Dutter)
8:29 Chains for Brains (Jim Johnson, Rick Jones, Pete Feldman, Tom Hilzer, Tony Davis)
8:49 Thrash Hula (Michael Larkin)
8:50 Power Tuff Girls!!! (Liz Groom)
8:56 Forest Service
8:56 Joe Battles Colonless Queen
8:57 Direct Relief International #1 (Kristin Brown)
9:13 RAGE (Chrissy Faulding)
9:23 Ragnar Tuneup (Zach Owen) (event record for last-minute ‘drop-back-in’ [new category], 9:15 the night before)
9:25 FOG (Duane Gardner)
9:26 Beauty and the Beasts (Dan Shimuzu)
9:27 Oldies but Goodies (Dave Groom)
10:00 66er’s (Ed Wehan; if we have an over-65 mixed-team record, this is it)
10:04 Direct Relief International #2
10:07 The Missing Toenails (Evy Kemmerer
10:07 DNR/DTE (Nichol des Jardins)
10:16 Happy Trails (Julianne Hastings)
10:37 GKA! (Lisa Welch)
10:49 Not Volleyball (Casey Hare, who ran alternating legs with his teammates)
10:53 Cottage Handshakes (Skyler Lyon; honorable mention for team names)
12:02 K-5 (Amy Lebolt)
12:06 We Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass (Happe Snappe, aka Bob Peltcher)

Thanks to co-RD and shirt maven Cooper Atkinson; to the Rats for running sweep; and to Direct Relief International, who do extraordinary work world-wide and who will receive the net on the event to further that work.