TE 23 Wrap

Sorry to not hold TE this year. Two of the past three years missed, and there is potential for an ‘extreme El Nino’ this fall/winter. I will attempt to host it once more next year. After that, it may go quiescent.

Accounting: we donated $250 to Direct Relief, as one of the teams asked not to be refunded. This year’s (year-tagged) swag went to the Ventura club, which held a ‘Foolish Enough (April 1st) relay.

Meanwhile: free movement, road or trail. Onward.

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Hart K.

Average, but not so exceedingly average as to not be average.

2 thoughts on “TE 23 Wrap”

  1. Hi Hart!
    It was great of you to show up at the foolish enough relay that Inside Track Ventura Club decided to do in Ventura. And the surprise swag was wonderful- I love gloves and lime green is insane.

    We will definitely be holding onto our belief that next year TE will happen.

    Thank you!

    Angela G.
    Social chair

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