Tough Enough 2012 results

Full moon over the Pacific, driving down to the ultra start. Four ultrarunners took off at 4:30, thirty-seven teams at 7:00.

A young man from Delano (Direct Relief) ran the first mile in around 4:45, looking very smooth, but the day belonged for the fourth time in a row to the formerly Delusional, now Living the Dream’s. Barely, though: the Superfriends we only a minute back, and victory wasn’t a sure thing until the last leg. 7:09 to 7:10. (Dreams: Dave Saunders, Leif Reynolds, Scott Ingraham, Eric Forte, Joe Nordin.)

The mixed team We’re the FUGAWI!?!? crushed their previous mixed team record in third (7:14). Great run, not diminished at all by the Superfriends breaking the same record four minutes earlier (Superfriends: Ricky Ho, Tim Strand, Chrystee Bradley, Mike Shaloob, Drea McLarty; Drea and Chrystee have the distinction of being on both the women’s and mixed-team record holders.) (FUGAWI’s: Scott Devore, Steve Harding, John Loftus, Dana Battalia, Chris Chisney.) New mixed record: 7:10.

In the ultra, Uvaldo Lopez stuck close to Scott Young, grateful to be able to have the benefit of Scott’s experience, but the end, he kicked (!!), finishing in 12:02, with Scott running the same time. (RD: “This is your first ultra?” Uvaldo: “This is my last ultra.”) (Two days later: “I don’t know, I might do it again next year!”) John Hoenigman (12:52) and Steve VenDenburgh (12:59) completed the ultra finishers.

Miscellaneous awards:
o Dominating last place. The Rats et al. Lucky Enough threw down a challenge, even getting lost (on a course with a total of eight turns), but first Worth the Wait unsurpassed them, then the Rats, a whopping 84 minutes after their closest competitors. (The Rats sweep the course annually, something much appreciated by those they’ve helped.)
o Loch and Load built on last year’s clothing victory by again running in kilts. Excellent for mountainous terrain.
o Elite Rehab again fielded three teams
o FUGAWI’s Steve Harding was again awes on getting the Horny Toad blankets.
o Steve Harding, who doesn’t work for anyone and was not claimed by any team, demonstrated the breadth of style options open to TE participants; Steve also gave inspiration to the possibility of instituting a dress code for future TEs
o Finally, dialog of the day award. A team stranded on W Camino Cielo with a flat tire and a flat spare, to a passing truck: “Excuse me, sir, but you wouldn’t happen to have a compressor, would you?” “Why, indeed, yes, I do!” (For future reference, you can pump up a car tire with a bike pump. It’s a pain, but ti can be done.)

Awes pictures by pro photographer Stephen Otero here.

1 7:09 Living the dream
2 7:10 Super friends
3 7:14 We’re the FUGAWI!?!?
4 7:53 Hows the knee? (Matt Skenazy)
5 8:02 Los Amigos de Goleta (Willy Rocket Rossow) √

6 8:18 Four and one-half men (Jim Johnson)
7 8:22 Cyclepaths (no cars, bikes all the way!) (Dylan Jones)
8 8:32 Direct Relief #1 (Sara Eyman)
9 8:34 Quick feet elite (Yvonne Castillo)
10 8:43 The honey badgers (Andrew Schoneberger)

11 8:45 Slash and burn (Micky Sederburg)
12 8:54 Beauty and the beasts (Dan Shimizu)
13 8:54 Free to play (Andrea Stouffer) (First all-women)
14 8:54 Play for free (David Groom)
15 9:01 Pumped up kicks (Cody King)

16 9:02 Care4paws (Megan Rheinschild) (Second all-women)
17 9:03 Not up to snuff (NUTS) enough (Stephen Otero)
18 9:13 The Argentineans (reinforced) (Gustavo Dabos)
19 9:16 Leo Heos (Amy Tracewell)
20 9:17 Team RAGE (Chrissy Faulding)

21 9:31 Loch and load (Michael Larkin)
22 9:46 Flock of seagulls (Kristin Brown)
23 9:49 DNR (Nichol des Jardins)
24 9:57 Knuckelheads (Gabe Wishingrad)
25 10:04 Phad chants (Bob Dutcher) √

26 10:13 WTF (Paula Waldman) √
27 10:17 Fish out of water (Tim Siciliano) √
28 10:20 Weekend warriors (Art Tracewell) √
29 10:23 Four sugars with a cup of Joe (Twila Douglas) √
30 10:23 Quick chicks (Maggie Bahnson) √

31 10:32 Happy trails III (Julianne Hastings) √
32 10:44 I want my Bloody Mary (Simone Kleinschmidt) √
33 10:53 Lucky enough (Barry Abshere) √
34 11:33 Worth the wait (Melissa Rodriguez) √
Last 12:57 We don’t give a rat’s ass… (Happy Snappe)
Also last 12:57 … Neither do we!

Yet again, everyone took care of and cheered for everyone else, the views were astonishing — how many places on the surface of the Earth can you look to the left to ocean and islands, and to the right to a wide valley and rugged, tall mountains? — we can give roughly $3 thousand to Direct Relief, and everyone had a good time. Thanks to all participants, and see you next year.

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