Tough Enough 2011

A cool, hot, cold, sunny, densely foggy day. (The race covers a lot of ground.) The Delusional 3-Peat triumphed, though in doubt until the last miles. Three in a row, while Los Amigos de Goleta established their utter domination of second place (four of the seven “modern” runnings), and the Fugawi!?! won, as usual, the mixed-team. CARE 4 PAWS was the first women-only team.

We had a number of new records:
o New mixed team record, set last year. The race director consulted a panel of distinguished and disinterested experts (CARE 4 PAWS); based on their recommendation, a mixed team needs at least two women, so last year’s Fugawi!?!? now holds the record, at 7:21. Congrats, persons!
o New record for late entry in the ultra, to Mauricio Puente, entering Thursday night. Ah, but Mr Puente only held his record for a day; it was broken by Garrett Headley, entering some time around nine Friday night.

Miscellaneous awards:
o Kilty Pleasures (Michael Larkin, Karen Boris, Katie Vining, Rob Simes, Brett Larson), for elegance. Last year’s hula skirts had… something, but the kilts had true panache.
o “We’re a team, junior,” to Mike Claytor and SB Fitness for getting all five employees to run; and “We’re a team, senior” for Elite Rehab, once again fielding three teams (you guys are amazing!)
o DNR nailed possibly-permanent “best vehicle,” by having their van break down. Kind of like the relationship with that person with the intense inner life, who was brilliant, then morose, then brilliant, and in either state was never all that reliable. But a van, instead of a person.
o Best unpublishable video award to the post-race women in black tights.

Many photos on Facebook, and many by professional photographer (and Not Up To Snuff Enough leader) Stephen Otero (

Thanks to Steve Harding and Horny Toad for the blankets (which we hope everybody likes), to Kristen Brown for help with prep, to Team Re-Flash for taking care of ultra runners; and to Direct Relief International, for awesomeness.

Nice touch: as the last ultrarunner was coming in, five young deer appeared in the grassy field across from the park.

Thanks to everyone who had fun.

1   7:15   The Delusional 3 Peat (Leif Reynolds, Scott Ingraham, Dave Saunders, Joe Nordin, Kevin Walker)

2   7:22   Los Amigos de Goleta (Willy Rossow)
3   7:27   We’re the Fugawi?!?! (Scott DeVore, Steve Hading, Dana Battaglia, China Cisney, John Loftus)

4   8:15   Team Elite (Todd Tressler)
5   8:21   The Square Root of Awesome (Charity Dubberley)
6   8:36   Not Up to Snuff (NUTS) Enough (Stephan Otero)

7   8:37   Peregrinating Pedagogists (Ryan Gleason)
8   8:43   Have You Seen This? (James Heidlebaugh)
9   8:47   Super Heroes in Training (Direct Relief team – Kristin Brown)
10  8:50   Free to Play (Andrea Stouffer)
11  9:03   Rockappotomus (Mark Nowakowski)
12  9:04   Addicted to Run (Budd Jamieson)

13  9:04   Kilty Pleasures (Michael Larkin)
14  9:05   DNR (Nichol des Jardins)
15  9:07   C.A.R.E. 4 PAWS (Isabelle Gullo, therese Bjork, Megan Riker-Rheinschild, Nancy Reynolds, Marla Randall)
16  9:08   Conejo’s (Diane Patnod Mader)
17  9:22   ;SB Training (Mike Clayfor)
18  9:23   The Cube Root of Respectable (Mark Fennell)

19  9:25   Running Against Great Extremes (RAGE) (Chrissy Faulding)
20  9:34   The Dedicated (Steve Miley)

21  9:34   Ghosts of Goats (Elizabeth Werhane)
22  10:31  Team Eliter (Yvonne Castillo)
23  10:34  DSA (Ray Gamboa)

24  10:36  Team Reflash (Simone Kleinschmidt)
25  10:48  Happy Trails (Julianne Hastings)

26  11:45  Always B. Closing (Melissa Rodriguez)
1   11:10   Scott Young
2   11:38   John Hoenigman

3   12:14   Jen Paludi + Jerremy Ditlove (Team Go Carter!)
4   13:47   Maruicio Puerto
5   14:38   Garret Headley
49m          Jake Sanders

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