2023 Entry form

Over on the Registration page, or right here. April Fool’s day in ’23. Apt. Starts at Toro Canyon Park entrance, 7 am.

You can pay via Venmo or Zelle this year, though checks are easier (for me). I keep a separate account for TE to keep the monies segregated. But I can handle it. I’m tough enough. Email me for info.

I need the signed forms but getting all the team signatures on a single page can be tricky. As long as the team name is clear, multiple forms are fine.

Swag will be reflective gloves this year. You are more invisible in the twilight than you probably think. These are pretty awes.

Fun activity: next time you run, tune to the plane of your hips.

A wonderful Christmas to all.

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Hart K.

Average, but not so exceedingly average as to not be average.

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