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March 20, 2020, 5:51 am
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Following Gov Newsom’s directive, TE is suspended. Whether it is postponed or cancelled for the year, I don’t know. The ‘lock down’ is not a permanent state; but the swine flu epidemic lasted from January 2009 to August 2010, and is estimated to have infected between 11% and 21% of the world population.

I will mail the swag to the team captains. All of this year’s teams are comped for next year. Any team members who are financially stressed by the entry fee, as we would have been at times, please email me privately.

Much has been written about the medical workers, as it should be. Little or nothing about the farm workers putting fresh fruits and vegetables into our shopping bags. Pull for them.

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Very disappointing but totally understandable and the right thing to do. The bummer for Team Aching Bad is we’re all in our 50’s and it was already a challenge to keep the team healthy training up to this year’s event! Hopefully we can rally for next year. While I appreciate your offer to comp the 2021 TE fee, I saw your costs for this year and the net you are planning to donate to DRI. Seems to me that unless we are in really bad financial shape, we should all be willing to write this one off and pay next year. Good karma, that. But that’s just me, speaking for myself. Best of luck to everyone as we work through this very challenging time.

Comment by Marc Leventhal

This seems reasonable, and if I claim the entry fee as a charitable donation to DRI on my tax return then I can get 35% back.


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