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Happy new year!
January 1, 2020, 5:40 pm
Filed under: RUTE event

Hi, runners. Here are six fun things (or potentially fun things, depending on what’s fun for you) to do while running this coming year:

  • Ribs independent. Feel each rib float free, relaxed, and independent.
  • Floating shoulder blades. They’re only tied on; see if you can feel them floating while you run.
  • Top of head at its highest. Imagine you’re a kid getting measured, stretching yourself upward, spine, neck, head.
  • Feeling the ground and the foot’s movement. What exactly are you doing down there? Is it easy? Fun? Funny? Astonishing? We have 26 bones in our feet and ankles to make our movement insanely adaptive. How does it feel?
  • Sensing the center of the earth. The most fundamental thing about being alive (for giant mammals like us) is moving in a gravitational field. We’re good enough at this, most of us; this is an exercise in trying to find perfect balance while running, your body moving while aligned exactly with the Earth’s gravitational center, like a dance.
  • Soft belly. Diaphragm moves air, even if the word ‘diaphragm’ has a ridiculous spelling; soften your belly, consciously, while running, and let the diaphragm and lung movement be as unimpeded and easy possible.

Every run is a chance to feel, in detail, exactly how it feels to be you, in motion, in the world. Pretty nice.

‘k, avoid injury, have fun, see you in April.

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