Santa Barbara Tough Enough

March 5, 2019, 2:47 pm
Filed under: RUTE event

Tough Enough. Lots of scholars this year. (Like last year, and all previous years. Our intellectual nobility.) Note to bipedal locomotion enthusiasts: no ostriches, no kangaroos. (It’d be kind of cool, though.)

Scott Y
Just Horrible Enough (Billy and Karla)
Ian S
Possibly Garrett H

Competitive Bipedal Locomotion Enthusiasts (Erin McC)
Delusions of Toughness (Valerie T)
Four Lasses and a Lad (Lisa E)
It’s OK to Walk (Marta K)
Just Here for the Views (Spencer A)
Not Medical Doctors (Christina K)
Old Souls Plus One (Michelle M)
Our Moms Think So (Tracey M)
Sub-24 (Kim R)
The Machines and the Sexy Men (Ana C)
The Return of the Pink Ladies 1 (Sharon H)
The Return of the Pink Ladies 2 (Lauren McD)
We’re On Our Last Legs (Joe B)
What’s My Leg Again? (Whitney W)

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Oh yeah, I’ll be in it again this year. Sorry I keep on forgetting to send in the form. Can I drop it with you on race day? – Ian

Comment by Ian

Of course.

Comment by areyoutoughenough

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